Latest News • Haven – Season 5 (part 1) on DVD Sept 8th

This week’s episode of Haven is capped and added to the Emily Rose Fan Gallery.

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It’s like you look at our ratings and you really hope that we’re coming back for a season three, but nothing is for certain in this industry. And so you want to be excited for what can come but you’re also very aware that you just never know. It kills you, but you know, it is what it is.

Haven’s Emily Rose (Audrey) very kindly took the time to talk with the media this week about the next episode, and about Haven in general. The upcoming episode is Haven’s version of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, but with increasingly dire consequences. Emily told us that she is “really really excited” about this episode.

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Newsarama posted a great new interview with Emily. A short blurb is below and you can read it in its entirety after the cut. Warning – for those that are not caught up watching season two of Haven, there are some spoilers. Read at your own risk!

For me, what’s enjoyable is the mythology and the characters and the deeper mystery behind this town and so when we get to do really like – when we get to scenes to me that have a subtext and we’re not having to explain things exactly on the nose or that involve relationships and history and what’s not being said, that to me is my favorite part of working on Haven.

The Syfy channel’s hit show Haven has been quite a success, especially considering that it can be a daunting task to put a Stephen King-based property on the small screen. We recently got to chat with Haven star Emily Rose, who plays Audrey Parker during a conference call. Rose spoke about working in a genre show, the evolution of her character and kissing Jason Priestly. Oh, there was no way to avoid asking about that!

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This interview with Emily from is chock full of season two spoilers. For that reason, the entire thing can be viewed after the cut.

I wasn’t a huge Stephen King reader. For me, all my fan-ness of him comes through all of his films that have been created, and I could live in the film Stand By Me forever.